Sunday, March 22, 2009

Work or pleasure?

I've been up here in Cleveland since Friday and have seen seventeen movies in three days, which is actually only two less than is possible. The plan is to see six more on Monday and then drive home. I'll be home for two days and then return here for another four of cinematic gorging.

The immediate question that may come to mind is if I can enjoy it. I'm sleeping very little--about four and a half hours last night--and spending pretty much whole days in a movie theater. Doesn't it get tiring? Is this really the best way to be spending time off?

It's fair to ask, and I can say that yes, I am enjoying it, even when I come across films that don't knock me over. Sure, I get tired and testy at moments, but today I found the internal rhythm that comes with doing this.

I've lost almost all sense of what day of the week it is. I'm practically cut off from the internet, television, and the newspaper. (The time spent online at the end or start of the day is either doing writing or checking e-mail.) In a way, it's a very Zen existence because I just am. There's been peace and relaxation found in floating through these days and into the various auditoriums. It should be more stressful, but I've hit that zone where I just show up where I need to be, eat when I feel it's necessary, and don't have to think about or do much of anything else.

I imagine part of comes from physical and mental weariness. I had to stop writing and taking notes today because I couldn't concentrate hard enough to do it. The updates for the other site will have to wait until I return home. And I know that I will need to be extra careful going home late Monday/early Tuesday since I'll have put myself through a lot to then drive a couple hours to my place. But I'm feeling good having lived in this moviegoing bubble for a few days rather than exhausted.

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At 11:10 PM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

Yes be safe on your drive home. We will you see Thursday evening then?


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