Sunday, December 21, 2008


I'm not typically among the hordes doing Christmas shopping, but having received an e-mail coupon for 40% off any book, I decided to drop by the local chain store last night to see if they might have what I was looking for. The parking lot seemed more occupied than usual, but I didn't pay it much attention. Was I ever in for a shock when I set foot inside the store.

The line had already curled around once and was winding its way toward the customer service desk. I'm not sure why I didn't just turn around and leave right then. I possess a lot of patience, but I wasn't particularly willing to wait however long--a half hour or more?--it was going to take to check out. They didn't have what I was seeking, so that resolved any potential dilemma. I was going to get a magazine, but it can wait until I can pop in and out of there.

With four days until Christmas, I don't have much shopping to take care of. I've knit some gifts--yes, the clock's ticking on what's undone--and bought some others. There may be an online purchase yet. Two-day shipping is free, and overnight is less than first class priority. (Depending where they're shipping from, I've had two-day come the next day.) Why in the world would you subject yourself to the long lines at stores when chances are you can likely find better prices online, more inventory, and avoid all that hassle?

I get the sense that some people do enjoy the shopping experience. Maybe it is part of the holidays for them. Knock yourself out if it works for you. I will browse for the sake of it, particularly if its CDs, DVDs, and books, but more often than not, when I go somewhere to get something, I know what I want and don't mess around. Lines like the one I saw last night remind me why.



At 1:04 PM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

We went out last night to help my brother Christmas shop. Good lord was I surprised by the traffic, especially since the economists have been talking about what a dreadful shopping season it has been. Once again the mall provided us nothing worth buying so we headed off to my new favorite small business in German Village where my brother was able to knock out 4 folks from his list. :)

Tuesdays knit night has been relocated to my house because I have a feeling the usual spot will be crawling with folks and not that much fun.


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