Sunday, April 01, 2007

March knitting progress report

The first of the month means it's time again to check on my new year's knitting resolutions. The joke's on me today, and not in an April Fool's way, because I thought my tally for March was going to be low. The second half of the month wasn't very productive, but overall I knitted more FOs last month than in either of the previous two.

The felted needle holder allows me to cross off "felt something" from the list. I have plenty of wool remaining, so there will be more felting in the future.

Since five of my seven March FOs weren't for me, I've kept on track with knitting for others. OK, so I've been informed that the slippers for my mom were too big, but it's the thought that counts, right?

I did a fair amount of knitting in public, primarily at the film festival. This led to some colleagues who didn't know about my knitting becoming aware of it, but none of my worst fears of teasing came to bear. At this point I think I'm perfectly comfortable knitting in public as long as it doesn't intersect with anyone I might encounter at work.

My blogging suffered a hit during my second stint at the film festival, but I'm still keeping an almost daily writing pace. It's inevitable that a day here or there will get skipped, especially with questionable internet access on the road. I'm proud to have kept it up like I have.

I have a second stitch pattern to add to ribbing. I've now knitted in stockinette. Who knows why it took me this long to knit something in it? It's a cheap one to put on the list, but it's another nonetheless.

The biggest accomplishment may have been in the self-care resolution. Not going bonkers and seeing the maximum number of films that I could at the festival was an achievement in its own right. Perspective, perspective, perspective. I enjoyed the festival more by skipping some sessions, and I certainly bounced back from it faster.I'm amazed that I haven't been sick yet. I've been taking vitamins and watching what I eat, although I've chowed down on a lot of crap this past week. I know where my new home will be and when I can move in.

Picking up on part of yesterday's entry, it's good to know that others feel like frauds too. :) Seriously, I hesitate to write stuff like that, if only to stem the tide of "there he goes again" thought bubbles popping up from readers' heads, but it helps to know that others feel the same occasionally.

The FO tally for March looks like this:

2 pairs of slippers
2 coffee cup cozies
1 dishcloth
1 felted needle holder
1 flower pin

With six FOs in January and six in February, my 2007 total stands at 19.

I have three UFOs on the needles. I've knit about seven inches of a cat mat and a few rows of a baby bib. I resumed work on the baby blanket and have plenty of it remaining to keep me busy for awhile. I alternated projects today, so it's good that I have options.

April brings two film festivals, one in town and one in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Monday will mark the first Cincinnati Reds opening day in at least four years that I haven't attended. (The team got greedy and didn't put single game tickets on sale for the guaranteed sellout, although it saved me getting up at 4 a.m. to sit in line at the ticket outlet for a 9 a.m. on-sale.) And who knows what else might come my way in the next thirty days?


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Reds? You're a Reds fan? And just when I thought we were going to be friends! ;-)

Go Indians!

Honestly, I'm a big Mud Hens fan, and love baseball.

At 9:06 PM, Blogger the secret knitter said...

When I came to Columbus it surprised me how Cleveland fans felt about the Reds. I never gave the Indians a second thought, maybe because the Reds always used to be the superior team in the state. :)


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