Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What's next

I have decided upon my knitting project for this weekend at the film festival. Using the yarn pictured above, I will be making a felted needle holder. This project will mark my first time felting, working in stockinette, and binding off in a different way to form the holder's tie. I didn't want to use seven colors, which the pattern recommends, in part because it would have been too much to take with me. The sage and ebony yarn got the call when I couldn't find scarlet and goldenrod at two JoAnn's. I'm hoping to cast on tonight and do a couple rows so I can pick up with it during some downtime at the festival on Thursday.

Considering yesterday's unmitigated productivity disaster, things balanced out today with one of the most effortless writing days I may have ever experienced. (Some might snarkily say that it shows. Those people can keep quiet and let me enjoy being done.) I wrote two reviews at the office this afternoon and then whipped out a Pride review in about an hour after arriving home from the screening. It is never this easy. Never, never, never. This means that the biggest work-related monkey that could have been on my back all weekend has been shaken off.

So I'm ready to enjoy the next four days of films, knitting, the offerings from the food court, and free wifi at Panera. Like last weekend, I'll attempt to keep up my daily blogging, although it will depend in part if I can snag a wifi signal from the nearby hotel at night. In the meantime, happy knitting.


At 3:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A felted needle holder sounds like a great project to knit. Glad to hear that the writing came so easily for you this time, may the mojo continue...

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Enjoy your weekend! Lion Wool is a good yarn to work with. When you're ready to felt, let me know. I love felting and I'll have some tips for you if Kristin is around to guide you through it.


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