Sunday, March 25, 2007


Hello again, dear readers. I know it must seem like an eternity since I last posted. It does to me.

There are tales to tell but not right now. I had an enjoyable time at the festival, but I discovered my breaking point. My head said to stay for the final film, my body said no. I stuck around, but the combination of an overly self-conscious quirky comedy, the festivalgoer Kristin dubbed The Howler Monkey sitting behind me, and physical and mental fatigue led me to do what I never do: walk out halfway through a movie and make the two-hour drive back home.

I feel beat, although it's probably not anything a decent night's sleep can't cure. Granted, that's a rare commodity here at home (for two more months), but I think I'll feel much better getting some rest and only seeing one movie in a day.

I intended to post entries while I was gone, but my hotel room was on the wrong side of the building to snag the neighboring inn's free wifi signal. There's just no way I could justify dropping $30 for three nights of internet access at my accommodations, and I didn't feel like lugging around the laptop while at the festival.

That did leave for a fair bit of knitting time and stories related to it, but I'm ready to collapse at this moment. It was good to be gone, and it's good to be back. More to come in the following days...


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