Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mail call!

Ribbed scarf

Yarn: Dark Horse Yarns-Fantasy (50% nylon, 50% acrylic; worsted weight double wrapped)
Colors: 6 and 7 (shades of purple)
Needles: US 10s
Stitches: 24

Today was all about the mail. I sent my secret pal's package on its way, had yarn from my secret pal waiting at my front door, and had Jennifer receive the package with the scarf I knitted her. And some people think the postal service doesn't have anything to do now that everyone sends e-mails instead of letters.

Jennifer left the color up to me, but I had some help since she named her favorite colors in the answers to a meme on her blog. I used Dark Horse Yarns-Fantasy for my dad's scarf (FO #3) and Kristin's scarf. I love the feel of it and thought the shades of purple were perfect. I wasn't sure how the shades would combine, but they make a nice, subtle variation in the scarf. You probably can't tell from the photograph. Jennifer is going to take some pictures too, so perhaps it'll show up better in hers.

Having used this yarn before, I thought a skein of each color would be plenty. It turned out to be enough, but it took every inch to get the length I wanted. As with Donna's scarf, the end where I bound off is bell-shaped. Ladies, this is not a stylistic choice, but you're welcome to believe it is if you like it. I thought I'd been binding off too tightly before. Am I still doing that, or am I binding off too loosely? By design Jennifer's ribbed scarf is wider than Donna's. Ideally I'd like for them to be somewhere in between.

My thanks to my secret pal for the four skeins of Peruvian Highland Wool from Apparently there's another package still to come, so my pal remains secret. I would post a picture of the yarn, but the light in my apartment at night is terrible at letting me capture accurate colors. I think I'll wait until I've received whatever she sends next and show off the pictures then.


At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice scarf!

You got a package from your secret pal already! Wow lucky you, can't wait to see the pictures.

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Gorgeous scarf! I can tell that there are two shades of purple there.

It's so much fun to get mail when it isn't bills! :-) Enjoy your new yarn, Mark.

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Jenn said...

Pretty! And I can see the two shades of purple too. I'm looking forward to sending off my secret pal's package soon--as soon as I can get through all this homework to make/buy the stuff for her!

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you like the yarn - your second package will be in the mail soon......

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

omgosh - i can't express how excited and impressed i am about my scarf from you!! the color is AMAZING and like my husband exclaimed the minute i pulled it out of the box, it's the best scarf i own...the quality is just fantastic, i'm serious! thank you soooo much for the gift, mind is definitely churning on what i want to make for you...i have some ideas already, but if you'd like something specific, please let me know asap as i might head to the yarn store this weekend if i have time.

i took a few pics this morning right before i left for work, but will take a few more this weekend and send them to you as well as post them on my blog.

thanks again!!
-a very happy jennifer in all purple today : )


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