Monday, January 08, 2007

Uh oh

So I was happily knitting last night and approaching the end of the second ball of yarn for my leaf green scarf when I did it. I made one big misjudgment and slipped up when I was binding off. Oh no.

My first problem was knitting one more row than I should have. I forgot that I had to bind off, so I thought I had enough yarn to do one more row. It wasn't a fatal mistake--I probably could have made it and had a very short tail--but it may have distracted me sufficiently to be responsible for what happened next. I was binding off when the right needle slipped out of my hand and the stitches slid off. I thought I found the correct stitch and put it back on the needle, but after binding off a couple more (and getting perilously close to running out of yarn), I could see that there was a spot where it looked like I dropped a stitch.

I know how to undo stitches, but I don't know how to undo this. On the bright side, I can take care of that row I shouldn't have knitted and have plenty of yarn for binding off, but I'm going to need some help. I went ahead and wove in the ends, so once I get this little disaster repaired, I should be done in no time. Still, it's aggravating to be this close to finishing and have to wait.

I'm not out of projects now--there's still that dishcloth--but I'm out of anything major to work on and out of yarn. I do have plenty of scraps, but I have nothing to do with them for the time being. Talk about a bad day to be without a project. Tonight is perfect for completing one of my new year's knitting resolutions: knit in public on my own. I'm in search of something to do this evening because I know that being at home is not an option, and almost anywhere I go is likely to be empty.

Why? The college football national championship will be played tonight, and this city will shut down. School board and city council meetings, high school athletic events, and practically all other goings-on have been cancelled or rescheduled so that everyone can watch the game. It is mass insanity on an even larger scale than what I wrote about in November. I have no desire to hear my apartment neighbors on all sides screaming for the three or so hours the game will take to play, so I'm planning to be out somewhere, hopefully where there aren't TVs with the game on.

Next...a night out on the ghost town.


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