Sunday, October 09, 2011


I had a good run of blogging here every day for about four and a half years, but with how busy or tired I've been this fall, it's time to acknowledge that I've slipped too far behind on empty days.  Yes, I have entries in mind for the dry spell early last week.  Yes, I could go back and fill in yesterday's blank spot and the couple I have in September after returning from Toronto.  But I think it's best to consider that streak finished and move on.  I'm too far behind now to try and plug the holes.

I'll still operate with the goal of blogging every day.  I like the idea of writing something each day even if the difficulty of doing so caught up with me.  There's no doubt I've been somewhat stuck for awhile when it comes to writing here, especially since my knitting has ground to a halt.  There's also no doubt that finding time for everything I want to do has been a challenge.

With the old streak officially ended, consider this a reboot.  Sometimes that's needed to get things working properly again.

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