Saturday, October 01, 2011


-Something I brought back with me from Canada: squeezing fresh lime in a Pepsi.  One of the places I ate at in Toronto provided a lime wedge when I ordered a Pepsi.  It seemed like a weird combination, but it is a nice complement to the soda.  I did see Pepsi Lime as a bottled product that could be purchased up north, but best as I can tell, it's only available (maybe) in its diet version in the U.S.

-Seeing that my preferred pre-packaged salad was on sale, I bought a couple containers of it.  At checkout the product ran up as $5.99.  The tag read $2.88.  I don't necessarily keep a close eye on the prices that are rung up, but the large difference here caught my attention.  I went back and looked, and sure enough, the scanned price was wrong.  The clerk adjusted the price without any trouble, but I was really surprised that the price was that far off.  The regular price is 41 cents more, so it wasn't like the sale price hadn't made it into the system.  The price was completely wrong.  Guess I better keep closer watch on what price things scan at.

-Speaking of unexpected prices, I headed to the campus area to see a couple movies in the late morning and early afternoon.  The theater isn't terribly close to Ohio Stadium.  I wouldn't consider the parking garage for it a logical place to park if going to the college football game, yet four and a half hours before kickoff this garage wanted $20 upfront.  (Ordinarily it's $1 per hour, with the theater validating for $1 for three hours.)  I explained that I was there to see a movie but was told that didn't matter.  I had to pay for parking and would get a coupon for a "free" movie ticket and popcorn.  (A drink might have been in the mix too, but that didn't matter.)  Outrageous.  Never mind that I have a pass that already means I'm not paying for a ticket.  Even without it I wouldn't have been spending $20 there, nor would I have wanted the forced purchase of concessions.

-I hope it warms up a little bit.  So far we've skipped right on by the slightly cooler fall weather.

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