Friday, February 25, 2011


Random thoughts from attending a hockey game tonight...

When a big crowd is expected, why do people sit in seats that aren't theirs before the game has started or early in it? Seriously, cut it out. This isn't something I've encountered with my seat, but it affects me when it occurs in my row or those around me. The proper ticket holder arrives and blocks the view because they have to sort out why their spot is occupied.

How hard is it to find where your seat is? I see people look mystified as they stagger up the steps trying to match what is on their ticket with the rows before them. IT ISN'T THAT HARD.

Nice to see the local professional team playing well.

Seeing a hat trick--one player scoring three goals--and the crowd throwing their hats onto the ice is pretty delightful, even if I would never follow along. (What, I'm going to get rid of a perfectly good hat?) I was especially amused by people in the upper deck throwing hats into the lower deck. I imagine some of them eventually made their way to the ice.

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