Friday, February 18, 2011


You will notice that today's entry is dated February 18. I am in central Ohio. So how is it that I did not need to don a coat or jacket today? Or that I wore shorts to walk from my car to the fitness center and back? Or that I drove with the window down?

OK, I could have used a jacket this evening after the sun went down, but otherwise this was t-shirt weather, something we'd have in the spring, not now. Just slightly more than two weeks ago schools were cancelling classes because of ice and snow.

This won't be lasting, as far as I know. The weather app on my phone claims the high on Tuesday will be 26. (It lists a high of 60 for today.) So this was a nice surprise, like the new Radiohead album being made available a day early today, but there's no need to look at it as anything but a pleasant aberration.



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