Monday, February 21, 2011

The day in pieces

Remember how on Friday I talked about not needing a coat or a jacket? It snowed today.

I posed a question on Twitter about whether it was okay to jump into a TV show at the start of its second season or if I needed to catch up on the first season before diving into the latest episodes. (I'd go into why such a question even matters, but that's something more suited for my other site.) Little did I know that this query would light up my feed with passionate responses. This development was amusing and informative. Ultimately I chose to start from the beginning, with the idea of gorging on episodes this week and being caught up in a week's time.

One of my new favorite things: creamy petroleum jelly. It's delicious on toast. (That's a joke.) Seriously, though, this stuff is saving me during my hours on the treadmill.

If there's something I know I need to take with me to work the following day, why don't I just put it in my bag the night before? Otherwise I forget it entirely or remember after I'm already in the car and prepared to leave.



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