Sunday, September 19, 2010

Survey says

So there's a knitting personality test. My deduced result says that I am:
The Contented Knitter

You are to be envied as the happiest of knitters. You knit for the enjoyment of it. Whether it's the satisfaction of making a jumper for yourself or the pleasure of making a gift for a friend. Knitting is a relaxation. You don't get overly worried about learning new techniques.

You tend to lack confidence in your abilities and will often stick to a tried and tested pattern rather than try something new. Remember that your favourite patterns were new once. Beware of getting stuck in a rut, especially when you knit for other people. A good knitting primer would be ideal for boosting your confidence, especially something which combines the theory with suitable projects. Something like the Sally Melville's Knitting Experience series would be ideal.

If you want to branch out a little why not try felted knits? This will add a new dimension to your knitting. There are many felted knits that require nothing more than basic knitting skills and a washing machine.
I think this is on target, more or less. But I have felted a couple times, internet test. So I've got you there!



At 9:06 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

Apparently I am a logical knitter. :) hah. I guess that makes sense since I use sleeve protectors and everything for my patterns ;)


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