Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday night videos

My traveling of the last month is catching up with me, but let me add a little content to go with the videos. If you're of a certain generation, you likely remember when new music videos were exciting and relevant. Obviously MTV used to thrive on them, but NBC had a show that was sort of a must-watch if you wanted to be on top of things musically in one's formative years.

Music videos are still made, but aside from the occasional Lady Gaga video that raises a ruckus, now it's hard to believe that Friday Night Videos and the work they featured had any kind of cultural cachet. (For that matter, there was also Night Tracks on WTBS and the more offbeat Night Flight on USA Network.) Although Friday Night Videos lasted a lot longer than I would have guessed. It seems native to the '80s even if I knew it lasted into the '90s and improbably stuck around until 2002 (at least according to Wikipedia).

It's unlikely that either of the videos I'm showing here were featured on any of those shows, although The Tribe Called Quest video would have stood better chance of getting a slot than Velocity Girl. I picked them because they seemed like fun to put here. (They're also very of the '90s.)

Anyway, it's Friday night. Hope you enjoyed the videos.

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