Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Maine point

Today's leg of this northeastern trek: drive from Oneonta, New York to Bangor, Maine. Although this journey has piled up the miles, it has been relatively easy driving. Still, I wish I had an extra day or two to spend up here.

I better be careful what I wish for, though. Hurricane Earl is supposed to visit this area at some point late Friday night and into Saturday, although I'm not exactly sure what that means. On the way up here I popped into a grocery store in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and was surprised by how hopping the place was. I'm guessing people there were stocking up in anticipation of what might be on the way.

Today hasn't provided much time for just soaking up where I am, but I did get a little of it while having dinner at Muddy Rudder. I went out with a couple others from the university and looked out at the bay while having a crab and lobster cake sandwich. A visit to a local yarn shop should happen on Friday. Otherwise time's a-wasting for my blip of a visit to Maine. I'll be leaving Saturday morning. That's too soon.

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