Thursday, August 05, 2010

An unanticipated test

Well, we'll see how this blogging by e-mail works a day early.
It has, in it's own way, been a day of setbacks.  Although it wasn't an excessive delay, I left home later than I hoped and arrived at my parents' place early in the evening.  The night has flown by, what with making plans for getting to Chicago and back tomorrow, and figuring out when I'll be returning to the Windy City on Saturday.
Finally I settled in to catch up on some stuff on the computer.  I got up for a few moments to get something and sat back down to find some fake anti-virus malware running on my desktop.  No, I wasn't doing anything that would have made me susceptible to getting this.  How it ended up on my computer is a mystery.
I got on my mom's laptop and looked up the program in question to confirm that something malicious had invaded my computer.  I found the solution and am attempting to run that now, although I couldn't update the anti-malware program, which has yet to find infected objects 24 minutes into a scan of the hard drive.  So who knows if this will take care of the problem.  Just the way to get my vacation off to a roaring start.
(For what it's worth, I did have McAfee on this computer, but when it expired almost two years ago, I chose not to renew it.  That program kind of works like a virus in that the stupid renewal reminders from it can severely drag down performance in the first several minutes after booting up.)
Anyway, I'm writing this in an e-mail on my mom's laptop and sending it in.  Here's hoping it turns up on the blog.  Saturday and Sunday are likely to be handled similarly, except the composition tool will be my iPhone. 


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