Thursday, June 17, 2010


What better way to get ready for an afternoon at the ball park than packing in some pancakes, right? The day began at The Original Pancake House in Montgomery. The menu offered many tempting options. I chose the Swedish pancakes with lingonberries because it's not something I'd normally come across. I found out that this huge style of pancake is extremely thin--almost like the scraping from the pan--and not quite what I had in mind. Folded up they basically tasted like crepes, although too much of my order was just a crisp piece of paper thin batter. It wasn't necessarily bad. It just wasn't what I was expecting, nor was it filling.

My dad couldn't eat all of his pancakes--he got the Hawaiin pancakes--so I polished off his leftovers, which were more like what I anticipated getting. I did not get the bacon pancakes, which sound both wonderful and devilish.

Check out the rest of their menu. The Dutch Baby sounds interesting, if absurdly fattening. I saw the apple pancake (singular). Have mercy. I don't think the two of us could have finished this mound of food. It did look good, though. It's probably for the best that this place is two hours away from me because I'd be tempted to go there more than I should.

The Reds cooperated, finally, and won the third and final game of the series. All in all it was a nice, quick trip (48 hours, more or less). I was glad my dad decided to make the long drive to meet me down there, and I needed the time out of town, even it if went by too fast.

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