Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A small update

With the end of the academic year approaching, I haven't had a lot of gas in the tank or time for knitting. The hat that seems like it will never be finished has been in a holding pattern because I'm indecisive whether to knit it the way the pattern calls for or modify it based on my mistake on the brim.

The crux of it is this: the brim is supposed to be k1, p2 rib. I misremembered the pattern as k2, p1. I'm determined not to rip out what I've done because it's taken me this long to get to this point. What would ordinarily be the wrong side will be the part of the brim that's showing. But must it?

If I purl everything for the main portion of the hat rather than do the required knitting, I can sort of correct for that mistake. I'm just not sure if it will look right.

So I'm going to jolt my indecision by getting knit night opinions as to how to make the best of the situation. (Sorry but frogging it isn't something I'm willing to do at this point, even if it is the only correct answer.)

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