Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dry the rain

My dad and I met in Cincinnati so that we could go to the Reds games for three days. I had earned a free night at a hotel, which helps make this a cheap, short getaway that enables the opportunity to see my favorite team. My dad hasn't been to a game since 2006 because he and my mom have gradually drifted westward. Call this a good opportunity to let him catch some professional baseball in person.

I'm excited about going to the games, especially since the Reds are in first place. I've also been looking forward to going to a couple games and getting back to the place where I'm sleeping--the hotel in this instance--at a reasonable hour. That plan totally didn't work tonight.

Tuesday's game was not a good one. The Reds got stomped 12-0 by the Dodgers. The real blow, though, was a two and a half hour rain delay. Sure, I wanted to stay, but we were also kind of stuck. With the strong thunderstorm blowing through, it wasn't like hoofing it to the car while being buffeted by the precipitation and wind was a desirable option. In other words, we arrived back at the hotel at 1:30 a.m.

Yes, the point of going is to spend some time with my dad and enjoy being at the ball park. The soggy start and lousy game just seemed to postpone the fun.

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