Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More tidbits

Keeping busy...

-I've had my car for about three and a half months. Tonight I accidentally discovered a storage compartment in it. Observant, this one.

-Knitting in films alert: the main character in the Japanese film Air Doll is seen with knitting needles and (likely) a sock in progress, although she's never actually seen knitting. The film was shown at an event in which the audience doesn't know what it's seeing until the title is seen (or can otherwise identify it). I was thrilled since it's from one of my favorite directors, but I would not recommend this fairly strange movie as a place to start with his work.

-The times I hear my dad when I talk can make me cringe. I hear it especially when conversing with store clerks and waiters/waitresses, for some reason.

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