Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not what I had in mind

I've finished knitting the brim of the hat that is a late--OK, very late--Christmas gift for my brother. As I mentioned the other day, having knit this pattern several times, I got sloppy and misremembered the stitch pattern.

I was thinking that I might correct for it by purling what is the right side that I want to be the wrong side. It might work, but I'm not sure that the single row of garter stitch, which is there the brim folds up, will be as effective as it ordinarily is.

At this point I'm leaning toward leaving it as is. It'll be a different stitch pattern on the brim than intended, but I don't know that that's such a bad thing. I suppose I could rip it all out, but considering how many false starts this project already had and how slow I've been at knitting it, I figure I better just stick with what I have or else I'll never finish.

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