Monday, May 24, 2010

Loosening up

It's been a little more than three months since the car accident, but my neck and upper back have continued to bother me. I'm not experiencing anything debilitating, but I'm definitely not back to normal either. Turning to the left, especially to check the blind spot when driving, is still limited. I had thought all this would have cleared up by now. Nope.

So I was evaluated at the end of last week. Opinion seems to be that some physical therapy sessions ought to do the trick. I've been assigned exercises to do at home and have scheduled eight appointments to work with a physical therapist over the next month.

I've felt like a big knot has been between my shoulder blades. While it's still there, it has diminished due to something the therapist did. (We both heard a fairly significant pop.) While I always expected to recover, the lingering nature of the injury has had me a little concerned and been a quiet irritant. This has been more tiring than I'd care to admit, but maybe the end is in sight.



At 1:03 PM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

Oh I had to do physical therapy umm...6 yrs ago...for upper back problems. It was kind of fun and if memory serves me I got some massages out of it too.


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