Friday, May 14, 2010

Do I?

I probably ought to just hightail it over to a bookstore and check it out for myself, but have any of you seen Knits Men Want: The 10 Rules Every Woman Should Know Before Knitting for a Man~ Plus the Only 10 Patterns She'll Ever Need? Your thoughts, other than nonfiction book titles are ridiculously long?

I found out about the book last November. It's been in release for a month and a half, but with my knitting have slowed to a standstill of late, I hadn't been reminded of it until now.

What I've seen seems reasonable enough, although some of the humor/insight seems awfully reductive. I'm also wondering if the patterns aren't so basic that they're already out there for easy pickings. (The severest of the commenters calls the patterns "utterly basic, shapeless, and uninspiring". Err, that sounds like a selling point to me.)



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