Monday, July 20, 2009

Whoa whoa

It's been a catch-up day for me after last week's attention was turned to car shopping, so the best I can do here today is type out a couple of lines and embed a video.

The search led to talk with my dad about how car dealerships and car prices used to be. He mentioned that when he was younger he'd been able to custom order one of his first cars. Like so many other automobiles of the time, that car was immortalized in rock history with a song all of its own: Ronny & the Daytonas "G.T.O." (No, it isn't The Beach Boys.)

I don't expect a rockin' tune about a used, sensible mid-size sedan anytime soon.

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At 7:45 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

I bet if someone wrote a rockin tune about a used, sensible mid-size sedan it would go viral. :)


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