Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For your eyes only

A blogging theme ended up developing this week. I've already covered what I'm reading and what I'm listening to. Today I'll cover what I'm watching.

When it comes to movies, I can pretty much say whatever is in theaters or opening soon and have it covered. Of course, that's not of any use to anyone. Up, the latest film from Pixar, doesn't arrive until May 29, but I can tell you that it's, umm, up to the studio's high standards. Even if a documentary about a heavy metal band doesn't sound like your thing, Anvil! The Story of Anvil is a sneakily inspiring story of two guys doing what they love and hoping for a breakthrough thirty years after they started playing.

TV-wise, I've been watching my fair share of Cincinnati Reds baseball. Of course I've been keeping up with the season finales of the shows I follow all season. Lost had an interesting end to its next-to-last season. Survivor wrapped a strong season that had plenty of drama from strategic play rather than interpersonal hatefulness. Fringe set itself up to go in a fun, new direction next year if it chooses to do so. The Office was at its cringeworthy best, especially in the second half of the season.

And of course there's American Idol. Kris has been quietly consistent and shown some ability to step outside the prefab Idol box, whether it's a different arrangement or choosing to sing a song from Once. I don't care for Adam's need to bludgeon every song, but I'll allow that he's been better than this year's (weak) competition.

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