Monday, February 02, 2009


I used to think that December was the busiest time of the year. While that month is packed, it's beginning to dawn on me that January and the first half of February are when I'm most overloaded.

I've been tired and anxious, probably because I have a lot to do and spend far too much time fretting about being able to accomplish everything. Forget about doing it well. I eventually break down to the point of just wanting it done.

Of course, I don't let go when I choose those times not to work on what needs completing. No, I pretty much make myself miserable contemplating what I should be doing but am putting off due to lack the energy or brainpower. I'm not procrastinating, not on all of the work, but whatever progress I achieve appears to be insignificant.

So here I am tonight staring down some writing I must complete for tomorrow while all of the other ton of stuff that needs to be finished in eight days looms. I'll feel so much better once the 11th is here, but for now the stress is weighing me down.

In other words, I haven't knit for more than a week and don't foresee doing any for at least another eight days. I'm trying to keep the blogging interesting, but I fear I'm exhausting whatever ideas may be at my disposal.

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At 8:54 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

It makes me sad that most of the world (well the US) sees February as a super short, hectic month with too many federal holidays. I love February but of course as of last week I realized I was already completely booked for every weekend in February. I love February but I am partial. ;)

Now of course I am trying to convince myself that really, it's better that I finish up my WIPs than cast on a new project. It's a stalemate in my brain.


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