Tuesday, March 20, 2007


You know, this is one of those days when everything caught up with me. I had big plans for getting work done so that I wouldn't be stressing out about it while I'm away this weekend. Didn't happen. I had an idea for today's blog entry, but it seemed less interesting once I sat down to write it. (Never fear, I'll get to it in a paragraph.) I intended to watch the Blue Jackets game, but once I laid down on the couch, I simply couldn't stay awake. While a 7:00 p.m. nap hit the spot, it's probably going to wreck my sleep tonight. So yeah, it's not been a productive day.

Anyway, what I was going to write about was keeping a journal. I guess I've seen enough movies that I've come to think of such writing as something done with a quill and inkwell by candlelight. Oh, and the writer probably is wearing bifocals. Nobody keeps journals or diaries any longer, right? It was something for fusty oldsters, but that time has passed. (To confuse matters more, I can't say I believe that I really thought this except in the broadest terms. See I told you this wasn't going to work.)

When I wrote from the road this past weekend I realized that my blogging serves the same purpose, even if it is in a public forum. It's become something that I do toward the end of the day. While I may filter what I write about through knitting--not always, but as a general organizing principle--it's still a way of reflecting on my day. I've always been a thinker, perhaps too much of one. Emptying that stuff out has been good for me. I needed to update the blog as a means of completing the day.

Will I be interested to go back and see what mundane and inconsequential things I've written about? Honestly, I'll probably be mortified. I cringed reading some of the old writings that had been kept at my parents' home. (These weren't journal entries. Until I started this site, I've been pretty bad at doing any personal writing on a regular basis.) Yet I see the value in doing this, even at times like this when I'm flailing around and doing nothing but stringing words together. I guess that's where I am today.

In other news, The Kniterati had their kick-off meeting last night. Way to go Jenn!


At 9:21 AM, Blogger Jenn said...

Oh, I totally still write in a journal. There's just some stuff that I need to (privately) work out in writing. Plus, I've always enjoyed the whole experience of writing with a pen on paper...it's weird, but hey, so am I.

I'm still waiting for that package...*sigh*


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