Friday, March 16, 2007

On the road

Neither a drained laptop battery nor the lack of free wifi at my hotel can keep me from posting from the road tonight. My accommodations charge an arm and a leg for internet access--$10 for 24 hours--so I'm mooching off the signal coming from a nearby hotel.

I thought I might get an entry posted from the film festival location, but by the time I would have been able to work on it, my depleted computer battery unceremoniously shut down everything. It took a little bit of trickery on my part to get access to my dashboard as the free wifi service's filtering program blocks all things Blogger and Blogspot. Panera's doesn't, though.

My first day at the festival went well. The drive up passed quickly. Although two of the films I saw get qualified positive reviews from me--they're niche documentaries--I liked three of the four films I took in. I skipped one session to take my time getting something to eat and getting some writing finished. The battery life held out long enough for me to get one entry posted on my film blog.

With the computer out of commission until I got to the hotel, I used some of my free time to knit. I cast on the stitches for a pair of slippers prior to the Norwegian film I was seeing at 6:45. Another critic from Columbus who I expected to cross paths with at some point was also there. I didn't mind if she knew my knitting secret, so I kept at it while we talked. I had more than an hour from the end of that film to the start of a documentary about house music DJs. I found a spot in the middle of the mall concourse to knit for awhile. As the film's start time approached I relocated to knitting in the theater.

I finished three inches, so I'm thinking I might be able to get at least one slipper completed while I'm at the festival. How cool is that? It's nice having internet access between films, but lugging the laptop around is kind of a pain.

I did receive a couple comments about knitting at the festival. One woman said that I had inspired her to bring her crochet projects along next time. Another asked what I was making and praised me for what I was doing. It's official: old ladies love me.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Karen said...

LOL Old ladies love you!

Glad you found a way to post from Cleveland, even with the obstacles thrown up in front you.


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