Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm getting backlogged on the currently unblogged days.  Blame Canada.

Undoubtedly the lack of sleep and go, go, go nature of my time up north caught up with me since I've returned.  Thursday night I came home from a long day of work and proceeded to doze for a couple hours before getting up and going to bed.  Friday followed the same pattern.

I'm usually a light sleeper, but on both of these occasions and during my time in Toronto, when I was out, I was out.  I did feel better during the day than I have since Tuesday, and I haven't really napped tonight.  I'll take that as a sign that I'm mostly back to normal.

Let's face it. I was overdue to crash like this.  I felt remarkably good during the six days in Toronto, especially since I was getting around five or six hours of sleep a night.  If this post-trip weariness is the price to be paid, I'll take that every time.

But it is taking some time to get back into the swing of things.

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