Wednesday, August 10, 2011


-Although I'd been to it once before, it was really kind of wonderful yesterday to see a movie in a building surrounded by corn fields on three of its sides.

-Aside from the space in their new house, one of the best things about where my parents now live is that there are places to go within a five-minute drive. Yes, they're still essentially in the country, but they're not quite as isolated. Even if it's just to run to the grocery, to get a coffee, or go to the movies, all these places are within easy reach. That should help with keeping one's sanity while visiting, although the house won't be as cramped anyway since two of my brothers live just a couple miles from them.

-I have returned home to find that the vacated apartment next to mine is still empty. Is it too much to hope for that to be the case for awhile?

-Speaking of neighbors, upon my return I was confronted with a decision whether to be a good one or not. I noticed that the dome light was on in the car driven by the woman who lives in the unit below mine. It was nearly 10 p.m. Do I knock on her door? (Keep in mind I've only a had a couple brief conversations with her.) Ultimately I figured it wouldn't hurt to try, especially since the likelihood was high that she'd otherwise get up to a drained battery. She answered and was grateful I let her know. It may seem weird even to question whether to do this, but what's the likelihood you'd answer the door that late to someone you don't particularly know?

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