Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Blink of an eye

It's no secret that the experience of time is relative, yet it can be weird to recognize that every once in awhile.

I've been at my parents' since Saturday--four whole days--and will be returning home at some point on Wednesday. Since I spent most of last Thursday and Friday away from home, you could make the case that I've basically been out and about for six days. I don't feel like I've been gone that long.

Today is a perfect example of how the hours dissolve while you don't realize it. I slept in and finished off breakfast by the time my parents' visitors arrived at 10 a.m. A mother and daughter who had been my mom's parishioners came over to see the new place. The daughter is also a hairdresser who has been dying and cutting my mom's hair, so her professional duties figured into the visit as well.

I sat around listening to the conversation and posting things I've needed to get online for awhile. Eventually I ended up in the chair getting my hair trimmed--I could use it--and then it was time for lunch on the back porch.

The visitors left early in the afternoon, my mom took off for a doctor's appointment, and my dad elected to take a nap. I decided that I might as well go see the new Planet of the Apes movie, especially since I had nothing to do and the theater is five minutes or so from their home. After the movie was supper, watching the Reds game, and then hey, wait a minute, the day is basically over.

It's not as though I did a lot or that the day was filled with excitement. The time just disappeared. That's kind of how these last six days have been. I haven't been in a hurry for much of the time, yet it's gone very quickly. The speed with which it is vanishing is somewhat disconcerting. Maybe it'll grind to a halt a bit when I'm home for a few days, but I sort of expect not.

I need this time off to recharge and steel myself for what's sure to be a hectic fall. So far, so good, but let's slow it down a smidgen.

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