Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The razor's edge

I forgot to take my razor with me when I went to visit my parents, and I wasn't about to go out and buy another one that I'd need just for a couple days. Instead I borrowed one of my dad's. He uses disposable single blade razors. I can't remember the last time I used one of those, if ever, but I figured it would get the job done. I suppose you could say the cheap razor was good enough, but that thing tore up my face and neck. Plus, I had much more stubble than usual the next morning.

I've used a Gillette Mach3 for quite awhile. I'd venture to guess that it's what I turned to when I stopped using an electric razor that had worn out. I'm in good company as the Mach3 is the world's best selling razor (or at least it is according to this article from 2003). The replacement cartridges are pricier than the razors I'm assuming my dad gets by the bag, but in my mind there's no question that the extra money is well spent.

I didn't shave this morning, as I didn't feel like making my rough mug any rougher with the borrowed razor, but did shave once I got home. What a world of difference. My face felt smoother, and my skin wasn't as irritated. I'll keep the disposable in my things in the event that I forget my razor next time I'm away from home--this is two times in a row--but it's strictly for emergencies.

I'm tempted to buy and send my dad a Mach3. I know he's happy with what he uses. I don't doubt that the low cost plays a big role in his decision of what to shave with. But he could have it better! Would it be presumptuous to give him one? Would he use it if I did? Worst case scenario, I'd have a back-up at their place.

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