Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tiny hats

Knitted Newborn Hat

Yarn: Caron Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) (70% acrylic, 30% wool; worsted weight)
Colors: 0019 and 0012 [Olive(ish)and Yellow(ish)]
Needles: US 8 circulars
Stitches: 54

It's been slow going knitting things this year. The above hat is my first FO of 2011, if that tells you anything. But then, what's this?

Knitted Newborn Hat

Yarn: Vanna's Choice (100% acrylic; worsted weight)
Colors: Rose and Pink
Needles: US 8 circulars
Stitches: 54

Why, it's another FO started and finished today. The pattern for this baby hat disappeared from the web for awhile, but the link is in the project comments on Ravelry.

The hats are going to the same parents (or baby, as it were). Since they're Green Bay Packers fans, I thought I'd make one approximately in the football team's colors. I think it turned out all right and can double as colors for a girl regardless of the sports affiliation, but I've gone back and forth on whether I like it.

Comparing the yarns, Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) seems softer and not as thick as Vanna's Choice. As you can see from having them side by side, the gauge is different too. One for now and to grow on, perhaps?

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