Sunday, May 15, 2011


Is this the first time this year I've knitted?

I'm afraid it is. It's been a long time since I've picked up the needles. Between being busy and not having any projects in mind, knitting fell by the wayside for me. I know you're disappointed in me. Join the club.

Tonight, finally, I cast on for a baby hat for a newborn. I have a couple skeins of pink/rose colors for this little girl, but I decided to start with the green and yellow I bought. The parents, the mother in particular, are Green Bay Packers fans, so I thought I'd try to do one hat in the football team's colors.

I've had issues in the past with twisting stitches when joining in the round, but I got off to a fast, trouble-free start as I worked on the seed stitch brim. See, I can pick up where I left off months ago!

Then a case of the stupids caught up with me. It was time to join the yarn in a contrasting color, and it took me a few tries before I figured out how to knot them together. Really? That's what I forget?

I've made some decent progress on the hat. If I spend any significant time on it Monday, I should have an FO. It's not anything that will be all that impressive, but it will be putting me back on the knitting track.



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