Friday, May 13, 2011

The heat is on

We haven't really had spring here in the Midwest. Winter lingered longer than usual, and even when the temperature began to rise a smidgen, it seemed like we had nonstop rain and gray skies. The last couple days the temperature has jumped into the 80s and brought a decent amount of humidity. Where are those nice cool spring days?

Let's put it this way. The furnace was still set for heat until this week. Of course, now that I need air conditioning, I find that it isn't working. A coil was replaced a year ago, so who knows what the problem is? Hopefully this will be a quick fix by the apartment complex.

So I sit in an apartment at a toasty 85 degrees. It isn't cool enough outside to slide open the glass door to get the thermostat needle to drop. I've had it open for around seven hours and have it down to a warm 83.

Seriously, let's get some spring weather back. I'm not quite ready for summer just yet.



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