Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It could be quite a year of changes.

My mom is resigning her position, and my parents will be moving. (They're waiting to hear any day now if the house they're interested in will be theirs.) They'll be near where two of my brothers live, or at least that's the plan. While she's calling it her retirement, the possibility of a job exists.

One of those brothers, the one who's been working out of the greater New York City area for about six months, is keeping his options open for another job, which would likely necessitate moving away from where he's called home. (It's only coincidental that this arrives at the same time that my parents will be getting closer, for what it's worth.)

While I don't expect a really big change at work, one that would put things on high alert, the way things have been means not ruling it out either. Some things have been stirred up again. Who knows what that means. Regardless, other changes are going forward that will be significant. (My main concern is that there's not the most significant change: looking for employment elsewhere. That doesn't appear to be imminent.)

Turn and face the strange, indeed.

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