Saturday, March 05, 2011

Price comparison

I won't bother reiterating my former objections to and subsequent coming to terms with shopping at Kroger. It's there if you want to read it. What I learned today leads me to believe I ultimately made the right call in not considering the grocery off limits.

Why? I've been buying a lot of Healthy Choice meals. Due to looking for a discontinued item that one chain is still carrying and forgetting to bring lunch to the office, I've shopped around a little bit. For meals of a particular size, here are the prices I've found:
-Giant Eagle: $4.39
-Meijer: $3.19
-Kroger: $2.75
For much of February Kroger was even selling them at $2/meal with a sale of 5 for $10. Meanwhile, Giant Eagle had them on sale today for 2 for $8. What an enormous difference.

Due to competition I assumed that all the grocery chains were selling the same products for roughly the same price. Obviously not.

None of these grocery stores are inconvenient, but Kroger is essentially across the street. It's by far the easiest one for me to pop into on the way home or if I need something in a pinch. Finding a deal like this goes to show that my resistance to them may have been wasted energy after all.



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