Friday, March 04, 2011


Locally there are concerns about this weekend's rain leading to creeks and rivers flooding. There's nowhere to put all that extra water.

That's how I've been feeling these first couple months of the new year. There's all this stuff I need to do or want to do, yet there's nowhere to put it all. It's why my knitting has ground to a halt. It's why my blogging here has often been perfunctory or less than inspired.

When I'm on the treadmill, I regularly have to remind myself that I can keep going, that I'm capable of enduring the hour of exercise. As long as I keep moving it's all good, even if it can require mental stamina as much as the physical. Sure, when I resumed an exercise regimen my legs were a little wobbly and my head was slightly spinning as I took those first steps off the treadmill. I've since acclimated to the treadmill and don't feel as unsteady once I get off. I'm waiting for that equilibrium in the work/life part of the equation. Or maybe all I need is a break.



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