Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm feeling a little under the weather today, so I thought I'd use this space to follow up on some comments left on recent entries. I'd reply where the comments were left, but I've dragged my feet doing so, and I figure my replies are more likely to be seen here.

I am amused at how my entry about leaving behind a knitting pattern at a crafts store was interpreted. I didn't verbalize a stance on the matter, but as I understand the comments, there's a reading critical of the store.

That's not exactly my take on it. What happened to the woman who lost her pattern is unfortunate, but this line leaps off the screen:
This is a pattern I bought in Scotland 30 years ago, so it can't be replaced and the store shouldn't have mixed it up with their own inventory.
Maybe this sounds unsympathetic, but it seems to me that she shouldn't have taken this unreplaceable pattern out of her home in the first place. Yes, it's a shame that the store employee promised to keep the pattern but failed to keep track of it. Still, if it was so important, perhaps she should have arranged for someone to pick it up for her in the week that passed between leaving it behind and returning to reclaim it. (It probably doesn't help her cause that she comes off as somewhat entitled/snobby in the first line of her complaint.)

So, in summation, it stinks that the pattern was lost, but I don't necessarily think that this reflects poorly on the store.

As for my stats work at Ohio State, this was a one time deal, although as long as they were happy with how I performed, I could be asked back to fill in. When the initial request came in, I was also needed for a women's game today, but between the first e-mail and committing for Friday, the Sunday slot was filled. As long as my schedule is open, I'd do it again.

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