Sunday, November 28, 2010


And so the Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end. I can't say that I did much of anything, but that was what I needed. Between napping and watching football, there wasn't a lot else I accomplished. OK, you can include playing with the dog in there too. Overall, though, it was alternating between dozing off and staring at football on TV.

Sleep has been a precious commodity the last two weeks, especially since my cough has made it difficult to get any at night. I've finally purchased something that seems to be controlling the dry cough much better, so perhaps I will shake this bug in the next couple days. I'm more than ready to.

Since I arrived on Thursday morning, I'd barely gone outside, let alone ventured far from my parents' home. (For one thing, it turned awfully chilly here.) My mom, dad, and I went to South Bend for lunch today. Other than that and walking a few steps to church this morning, it was a shut-in sort of holiday. Sometimes that's what the doctor orders, metaphorically speaking.

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