Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Steel City

I've spent very little time in Pittsburgh and can't say I have much of an impression of it other than the conventional wisdom of the Steel City being an old, run down industrial city. Imagine my surprise as I briefly walked the streets around the convention center and cultural district. This part of downtown has a funky, architecturally diverse look.

The old buildings stacked side by side are like books on a shelf, coming in a variety of appearances and sizes.

Weathered evidence of long-abandoned tenants give the buildings a lot of character.

Some parts reminded me of downtown Cleveland if it were better maintained. (In defense of my neighbor to the northeast, I haven't seen a lot of that city by foot.)

This little park was a beautiful surprise. It's just so incongruous with what's around it.

See how much more visually appealing and distinguished that old building is compared to its more modern neighbors?

Some new architecture attracts the eye, though. The building above has a different look lit up at night.

Who knew Pittsburgh has such an interesting downtown?

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