Sunday, June 14, 2009

This and that

Random items that didn't make it into an entry until now...

-Limited perspective alert from Tuesday's brief visit in Kentucky: I was a bit surprised to see a sign at the concert venue stating that the show was non-smoking at the performer's request. Ohio's smoking ban--and one I've encountered in other states--is just something I take for granted.

-Since when did used cars become "pre-owned" instead? Talk about corporate doublespeak.

-Within the past month I've discovered that two good local pizza places within a mile or so of my place have changed to different pizza franchises. Curses.

-I am entertaining the idea of getting a GPS, but I wonder if it's worthwhile if most of the driving I do is around the city where I live. Plus, wouldn't it be a hassle to have to take the thing out of the car at every stop?



At 9:31 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

For as much as I love maps and disdain the idea of GPS units they are super useful on business trips. Plus, I store mine in the glove box so I don't have to take it out at every stop. I also don't attach it to the windshield so there are no suction cup marks.


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