Sunday, January 01, 2012

Resolve 2012

January 1 means resolution time.  I'm going to carry over last year's resolutions, which I had mixed success accomplishing.  Those resolutions are:

-Lose weight/continue to get in shape.

-Read the Bible all the way through.
-Read more.
-Give more to charity.
-When it comes to media consumption, aim more for depth among the breadth.

Those are all well and good, but if that was last year's list, I need to add to it, right?  So let's toss these out there and see what I can do:

-Keep my apartment straightened up more.

It's easy for me to let it go and become a mess.  I'm going to tell you upfront that I know this will be tough for me.  The desire to do it often isn't there, and time seemed at a premium last year.  But I'll try.

-Knit on a regular basis.

It wasn't by design that I did minimal knitting in 2011, but I can do better, especially since I have a project or two in mind.

-Avoid letting election year politics stress me out.

It's inevitable that I won't be able to escape the chatter everywhere about the Presidential campaign, not to mention all the other races.  I'm already completely sick of it all, so I need to be mindful of not letting it drive me crazy.

-Catch-all: general personal improvement.

One can dream, right?

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