Friday, July 08, 2011

In mind

Various things occupying my head space right now:

-I'm deliberating over some vacation plans in August and trying to determine if I can swing a few night in the greater New York City area. Staying in New Jersey definitely takes the bite out of hotel expenses, especially if I go just a little farther west than when I visited my brother. Going to New York City really captured my imagination, and I'm dying to get back there less than four months removed from my first time there. (Staying with my brother will not be an option as he's back home in Indiana...although perhaps not for long. He has a job offer in South Carolina and is leaning strongly toward accepting it last I knew.)

-I'm thinking that I might have turned a corner when it comes to exercise. I ran in the 5K race on Monday and had some pretty sore legs to show for it the next couple days as I hobbled around. In spite of the pain, on Tuesday I went to the gym to put in my standard hour on the recumbent bike. Not only did I complete my typical routine, I crushed it with some hard work. I took off the last two days, in part because I figured I needed the recovery, and then cruised through the workout this evening. Maybe this is an indication that I need to increase the level. Anyway, it's the best I've felt in awhile after working out this hard.

-The summer so far has been a relatively mild one in these parts. No complaints.

-Periodically I get the feeling like I ought to sign up for a Facebook account. That feeling has returned. Although I'm on Twitter and use it quite happily (and publicly), I've never had a Facebook profile and haven't felt compelled to join everyone else. I have some big reservations about the site, but I'm slightly favoring signing up before the summer is out. What's changed? Nothing, really. Then again, I'm still not on that social network.

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At 12:47 PM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

I would check out Google+ before succumbing to facebook. But ya know, that's just me, and I am just not a fan of Facebook. I have invites for Google+ if you want one. :)


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