Saturday, May 28, 2011


One advantage of my job is that I do not have to rise early to go to work. The exception--and on a Saturday, no less-- is this triple graduation day. I awaken a couple hours before I'm usually up and work almost a double shift. Fun. (No.)

So I might be forgiven for wondering if I was actually seeing what I was seeing this morning. I'm driving toward the interstate when I spot in the distance on the other side of the road what appears to be a tire bouncing quite high toward a car dealership. Did I see that right? I keep my eye on it, and sure enough, there's a tire bounding up the street with some impressive height.

Which then raises the question, where did it come from? At this point I look to my left to see a car with it's right front end scraping the road, yet the driver is still going and does not appear to be in the act of stopping.

It was such a surreal scene, first to see something that I was unsure was really there and then to see the car going by, as though driving on the wheel (I assume) was not impeding the operator's control of the vehicle. This is the sort of flourish I'd expect to come across in a David Lynch film, not at dawn in real life.

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