Thursday, March 31, 2011

One good deed

Even though the other driver had seemed in an unreasonable rush, I was temporarily blocking her by needing to back up so I could pull into the parking space. As we both approached the hotel's door at the same time, I thought I'd be nice and let her go ahead of me.

Big mistake.

I'd come up here to Cleveland in advance of a full day at the film festival tomorrow. I figured I could use a complete night's rest rather than getting up and leaving before the sun rose. I already had the hotel reservation from when I expected to be here for three nights. Since I'd been in a fog of sorts for much of today, I decided that it might be wise to do the bulk of the travel tonight so that I'd be better rested for driving home tomorrow evening.

Anyway, back to the front desk. I let this middle aged woman go ahead of me, and she proceeded to take forever to check in. First, her reservation had mistakenly been placed for last Thursday, not tonight. So then she was deliberating over whether she wanted to stay here at all. What's the price for the weekend in a regular room? What's the price for a business king? How about the weekly rate, because she's going to be here for ten days? Well, maybe I'll book just for tonight and check the internet to make other plans.

This went on and on. Once it seemed like she had decided to stay here for a weekend in a regular room, she then changed her mind and decided to switch to a business king because those rooms have coffeemakers in them. I should add that there was a person behind me in line who was loudly huffing to express his displeasure with the wait. He eventually left.

Still, the evaluation of options continued. When all was said and done, it took her around fifteen minutes to select a room and the duration of the stay. Look, I was in no big hurry and was passing the time by checking Twitter on my phone, but I was put off by how inconsiderate she was being. People!

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