Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Travel day

Little sleep, up very early, and kind of grouchy throughout the day. Me, that is, not the nephew pictured above, whom I met today.

The flight went to Dallas-Fort Worth went smoothly. I don't fly very often--the last time was around Thanksgiving 2007--but one thing I've noticed is that I usually have problems with my ears. They don't pop on descent, so I walk around all day (and sometimes subsequent days) with impaired hearing and feeling generally unpleasant. The weird thing is that my ears usually pop all the time when I swallow. Not since the plane landed. It's really irritating.

I could have used more time to take it easy/recover from traveling and a lack of rest, which didn't improve my mood. Hopefully a good night's sleep--and popping ears--will put me more in the Christmas spirit.

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