Friday, October 30, 2009


Parents have been here most of the day. Went to lunch before dad and I headed downtown to go to the Blue Jackets game. Mom stayed home and watched my TV, which was surely what she would have preferred to have done even if the option to attend the hockey game were available. Time to hit the sack before getting up and heading down to Ohio State to do some unpaid work for the football game.

Yes, I've been stupid busy this week. No, I'm not ditching my parents. When I was asked to help out at OSU, I called to see if I should turn it down, as I didn't know what my dad was planning. At this time was when I was informed that my mom was planning to come over also. (I'd set this up to take my dad to the game.) I said I could decline to help out, but she said not to do so. They seem fine with this fast of a turnaround, but I wish I had. They're here and gone in the blink of an eye, and I really have no enthusiasm to be at the game after this week.

So go the decisions we make...

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