Saturday, December 10, 2011


Where was I?

It was one of those weeks.  I was busy, often didn't get home until late, and was too tired to write.  So, let's play catch up.

The main thing has been figuring out what is going on health-wise.  The occasional chest pains returned and were troubling me on Wednesday.  Luckily I could get in to see the doctor on Friday.  In between I experimented with what I thought might fix the problem, which mostly entailed laying on my back and trying to sleep that way.  I sort of had it figured out, or so I thought, and the doctor essentially confirmed my amateur diagnosis.

The muscles in my upper body are tight.  Surely stress has been a part of that, but how I sit at work is likely a big contributor to muscle soreness there.  I'm to see a physical therapist for a few sessions to find some solutions--I probably should request a different desk chair at the office--and that is hoped to take care of it.  And with that answer, I expel another big sigh of relief.

Realistically I did not suspect that I was having heart problems--it isn't something that runs in the family--but I've been concerned about the pains in my chest and upper body.  Mainly I've just worried about this and occasionally let it lead to the occasional hysterical suspicion that it's something terminal.  The mind wanders where it shouldn't when laying there at night.

After a week of being doped up and almost another week of wondering if an answer would be pinpointed, I think it's all good.  There's still plenty of work to do on my posture and getting in shape.  Now I have further motivation to do it.


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