Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cold weather

The cold of winter has finally descended.  I slow cooked a big ham I impulse purchased a couple days ago.  I'll be eating that thing for days.  (Is that a sign of adulthood when an eight-pound ham is something you decide to buy on a whim?)  I put together a shortlist of albums to listen to for determining my own top 10.  It's been nice to have a day where (mostly) I can shut out the hustle and bustle and squirrel myself away in my apartment.

Christmas is somehow just two weeks away.  A new year arrives one week later.  It's time for quietly winding down 2011 and easing into 2012.  Sure, I don't expect for the frenzied pace to drop until maybe the last day or two on this year's calendar, but it's nice to imagine that I'm settling into this friendlier rhythm.

It's been a year of little knitting for me.  This wasn't a deliberate choice but a matter of what I ended up prioritizing.  So be it.  Now as the weather makes it so I need the items I've knitted, I feel like holing up at home and working on a new scarf and a hat.  I like what I've made and don't need more of either.  I just like having options to mix and match and change up.  I'm going to try to get a project started before the year's out.  (Just don't hold me to it, folks.)


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